The word "Amarok" translates to "Wolf". The definition: a gigantic, legendary wolf that hunts alone. Most wolves hunt in packs, but the Amarok hunts alone.
I spent most of my childhood training to play college tennis and played D1 for 2 years. After I graduated, I knew there was more to life than just work. I had always wanted to make a small difference in peoples lives so when Covid-19 hit and everyone started working from home, I knew this would be the perfect time to get started.
Throughout all my years in tennis and around other athletes, almost everyone I knew would drink 1-2 20oz sports drinks a day to replenish electrolytes. But as everyone knows, these drinks do not stay cold for very long. Most people don't want to take a cooler with them because they can be too big and difficult to carry, especially when you're already carrying 1-2 bags filled with gear. Whether these drinks were put in the shade or in our bags, they were warm within 15-20 minutes. Once warm, most kids would throw them to the side and wouldn't finish them and the rest would be wasted. I knew this wasn't just the case for tennis players but for all athletes regardless of the sport. After spending several years experiencing and witnessing this, I knew how important something like the Amarok could be so I decided it was time to make this dream a reality.

Adam Brown, Founder