Return Policy

Amarok products have a 30-day return policy for United States orders only. All international orders are not eligible for return.  

What is covered in our 30-day return policy? 

If your top / lid is defective or broken

If your product is received with chipped paint or is chipping within 30-days and is not the result of improper use

If your product is received dented

What is not covered under our policy?

Putting your product in the freezer and / or dishwasher voids the return policy

Dropped / dented products

Any physical damage

Damaged packaging

Paint damage due to improper care 

Lost products

International orders

How to return a product

Before sending a product back, please contact us at with the below information:

First and last name

Email address and phone number

Product being returned and reason for return 

Date of purchase

Proof of purchase

Address for replaced product

After we have received the above information, we will contact you about the return of your product.